Let the story of British Colonisation and its impact on the Eora people unfold for young students. Our resource of A3 images help bring early Sydney town to life together with the narrative skills of our guides.

Topics covered within the tour include:

  • First contact between the Eora and the British
  • The Aboriginal way of life before and after colonisation
  • Significant people and events that fashioned the British penal colony
  • Relevant sites in the development of Sydney

Included in this tour is a visit to either Observatory Hill or Campbell’s Cove, both are very special significant sites in colonial Sydney’s story.

Optional Costumes

The optional addition of convict and soldiers’ costumes together with the real identity of a significant person for each child has proven to be popular, instructive and very interactive.


$14 per student without costumes
$15.50 per student with costumes


1.5 hours without costumes
2 hours with costumes

   STAGE 2

Years 3-4


British Colonistation


HSIE, History, Geography