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Educational Program

Primary & Secondary Educational Program School Excursions

Operating since 1978, The Rocks Walking Tours has long been providing students with educational tours of The Rocks. All tours are conducted in a safe and stimulating environment in this preserved 19th Century historical village. Our fully trained guides are ready to head your school around Sydney’s oldest neighbourhood, The Rocks.

Tour content is tailored to the current syllabus and focuses on the history and heritage of The Rocks, Millers Point and Circular Quay. These historically significant precincts provide a valuable outdoor educational experience that encourages ongoing learning about our fascinating past and present heritage.

To find out more about our Educational Program please complete our Educational Program Enquiry Form or Contact Us

Our Primary (Stage 1 – 3) and Secondary (Stage 4 – 6) school educational tours are conducted in the preserved landscape of Sydney’s oldest neighborhood, The Rocks. Students will be encouraged to:

  • Discuss accounts of past times, expressed through events and the interpretation of significant sites
  • Observe and analyse the heritage of Sydney’s past and present
  • Identify the stories and events that relate to the interaction between the people that lived in this unique built environment

Images, early photographs, maps and sketches are utilised throughout the tour to contrast past and present and stir the imagination.

The tours offered within our Educational Program are regularly reviewed ensuring relevance to the current syllabus and Key Learning Area’s (KLA) of Human Society and It’s Environment (HSIE), History, English and Religious Studies.